Chris Miller, Vikings team leader/assistant sports editor, The Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Dan is an innovative thinker and writer. He combines an incredible work ethic with excellent news judgment. In a business where people are trampling over each other to get access, hes a classy professional. And in a business where ethics are more frequently violated and rumors immediately trumpeted as news, he understands its most important to get the story right. And still hes often first with that story." (April 2013)

David Glenn, former publisher of The ACC Sports Journal and ACCSports.com and syndicated sports talk radio host

"Dan Wiederer is one of the best young sportswriters I've encountered in almost 25 years in the sports media business. He's intelligent, he works extremely hard, he's creative, he's versatile and he cares. You could send Dan to a game where there are 100 other media members on hand and still feel confident that he'd emerge with something different, interesting and insightful. There are many things I respect and admire about Dan, but this is probably my favorite: in an industry where too many journalists just go through the motions, Dan is passionate about going the extra mile, giving a subject some extra thought, and wanting to be a part of something great." (March 2011)

Brian Tolley, former executive editor, The Fayetteville Observer

"Dan will always be one of my favorites because he thinks big. Average is not something he will ever attain to. One of Dan's best attributes is his desire to do journalism with pop, to be memorable. He's self-motivated and full of ideas - and he's not a guy who will settle on the first so-so idea which makes him a pleasure to work with. I also admire him because he's always cared about the paper and the sports section as much as he does his own particular work. Writers like him are difficult to find." (January 2009)

John Roberts, assistant NFL editor, ESPN.com

"Dan is one of the most creative and talented reporters I've worked with. He never settles for the easy or obvious story angle and that sets him apart. It's rare that you find a great idea guy who also happens to be a great writer. Dan is one of those unique talents." (June 2008)

Todd Adams, assistant sports editor, Detroit Free Press

"Dan Wiederer possesses the rare and valuable quality of being an idea man who is able to execute. He thinks outside the box in terms of stories, presentation and online ideas. And he works hard to make sure they come off as planned. Plus, he is an outstanding beat writer. In Fayetteville, he honestly made our section and website better with everything he brings to the table." (June 2010)

Taylor Zarzour, former sports director for Curtis Media Group and current host on Sirius XM

"Dan Wiederer is quite candidly the best sports writer in North Carolina. That is a bold statement for me to make given all of the great relationships I've made with many wonderful reporters in this state. But it's true. No one's work captivates me more regularly than Dan's. From his article on Dean Smith's deteriorating health to his three-part series on Coach K to his compelling one-on-one interview with Harrison Barnes, his work is frequently sensational. I'm consistently amazed at what Dan's able to get out of the same people I speak to on a daily basis. He's creative, insightful, hard working, and most importantly, has tremendous ethics. Dan is a rising superstar in this industry." (March 2011)

Adam Gold, sports talk host on ESPN Radio, 99.9 the Fan in Raleigh

"Dan is one of the brightest and sharpest reporters I have ever encountered. But while he's great at covering college basketball, that's not his best skill. Dan has a knack for getting to know the people he's covering far better than anyone I've ever met. Players and coaches become people through his reporting. And in my opinion, there is no greater compliment than that. College basketball fans in the Triangle are very lucky to have Dan on the ACC beat. My advice to them is enjoy him while they can." (June 2011)

Dennis Hall, former assistant managing editor for sports and new media, The Fayetteville Observer

"Dan Wiederer is one of the most energetic and inspired writers I've ever worked with. He sets an example for the rest of the sports staff with his planning and execution. There's no such thing as a routine assignment to Dan. He puts everything he has into everything he writes. On top of that, he is well-liked and well respected in the sports department. He's a true pro and a pleasure to work with." (April 2009)

Jim Connors, former sports anchor and director, News 14 Carolina

"Dan Wiederer has been a frequent guest on Sports Night and every time he visits, I get smarter. So does our audience. I have also enjoyed Dan's contributions to The ACC Sports Journal. To make that select team of writers, one truly has to know what he is talking about. Dan's humor, personality and knowledge transcend whichever medium he happens to be working with at the time." (January 2009)

Paul LaTour, former staff writer, The Naperville Sun

"Dan Wiederer is one of the hardest working journalists I've known. While serving as the assistant sports editor and sports columnist at The Naperville Sun, he always impressed me with the workload he would take on. No matter how much he tackled, the quality of his work never suffered. In addition to his nightly desk duties, Dan produced some of the best stories to appear in the paper during his tenure, including the finest account I've ever seen of the Chicago Cubs' collapse in Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series. Dan's willingness to work with me and the other Sun staff writers on our stories even after his departure from Naperville has proven invaluable. He is able to not only help me smooth out rough spots, but to see how entire sections can fit better in a different order. I always knew I could go to Dan during the writing process for advice, something I continue to take advantage of even though we no longer work together. I always know that when Dan's done editing a story, it becomes a far better product." (October 2009)

Jim Young, former editor, ACCsports.com

"Sportswriting is becoming an increasingly tough racket. Newspapers keep asking writers to do more with less and media relations departments keep coming up with more reasons to give out less information. That sort of environment makes what Dan Wiederer does even more special. As one man covering three major college programs, Dan somehow manages to be both productive and creative. He keeps on top of the current and breaking news and yet still finds time to write thoughtful, in-depth enterprise pieces. In short, he has the talent and work ethic to reach the big time." (February 2009)

Mindy Arbaugh, former sports editor, The Naperville Sun

"When Dan would turn in a story, it was a moment of both love and hate for me. I enthusiastically dived into his stories because they were consistently researched, sourced and organized with enviable skill - every editor's dream. The nightmare came in his tight, almost impenetrable writing. Often there was little more I could offer besides a pat on the back and a heartfelt, 'Well done.' Dan was one of my favorite writers to work with and I continue to cheer from the sidelines. He would be right at the top of my list of dream staff."(June 2007)